Field of Science

Samantha Price

Me.. climbing on rocks!
I'm a 26 year old girl living in a microbiological world. I'm a bit of a Twitter addict, love food a bit too much and I hate chemistry, bananas and cotton wool.
I've been a scientist for a number of years, and have just finished my PhD in Microbiology (which I passed in July 2013). I have spent many years studying bacteria and I have loved every minute of it.
But.. I have now turned my career to science communication, an area I am extremely passionate about, and work as a Science Communicator at the Motor Neurone Disease Association which I really love! That's right.. I've gone from 'Bugs' to 'Brains'.

I was born and bred in Leicester, so I like to call bread rolls 'cobs', but I have now moved to Northampton this summer. I have completed a scuba-diving qualification (PADI) and I have been a paper-girl, barmaid, waitress, biomedical scientist and disabled carer.

Random fact:  I dislocated my knee whilst doing the limbo

I also worked as a part-time Lecturer and Demonstrator at De Montfort University (October 2009 - March 2013) which I loved doing as I love nothing more than to teach the next generation of scientists by sharing my knowledge and passion for the subject. I particulalry loved the laboratory sessions where it becomes apparent that nobody knows how to use a microscope!
I  have undertaken various STEM activities during my role as a volunteer STEM Ambassador including; presentations during healthcare week, 'what's my job?' and enterprise days. I have also volunteered at the 'BBC bang goes the theory LIVE' tour in Coventry, UK in July 2011.

As well as this blog I'm also a freelance blogger for the Proteintech group and I've also done a number of guest blogs (see list on the right). I have also written a monthly column in a local newspaper entitled 'Health and the Elderly'.

Me and my wonderful boyfriend Danny.. who keeps me sane!