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Blog Update: The View From A Microbiologist

To my loyal Blog Followers: 
I am so sorry that I have not posted on this blog for the past couple of months (please forgive me!). This has been an incredibly busy time for me so I thought I'd fill you all in.


In April I had an interview at the Motor Neurone Disease Association in Northampton for the role of 'Research Information Communicator'. Due to not having an interview in 3 years, I was badly out of practice and endured a stressful month of preparing for an interview and deciding on what outfit to wear.

The good news was that somehow my interview went well and I was offered the job (which I started on Monday)! I couldn't believe my luck that I'd managed to get a job in the world of science communication!


Due to being offered a job, I then had to focus on finishing my PhD lab work (with 8weeks from job acceptance to start date this was insanely busy!). Somehow, amongst the early mornings, late evenings and weekends I managed to finish all my lab work with 2weeks to spare!

So now I'm in the lovely position of writing journal paper articles and writing up my (gulp) 40,000 word thesis during my days off from my new job (it may take me a while..)

I'm also presenting a Scientific poster of some of my PhD results at a conference in Edinburgh in July (I still need to print this off!)


The realisation of my job being in Northampton and me living in Leicester (with a 100mile trek each day!) gave me a nice opportunity to finally move out of my parent's house and in to a house in Northampton with Danny (my partner).

Due to this being our first house together, we've spent the past 2months buying house stuff and finding somewhere nice to live. We moved in 2weeks ago, got our sofa Wednesday and are still living out of boxes!


A very busy period of me life. New job, New house, New life...
  • I love having my own place with Danny, it's lovely having our first home together :)
  • As for ending my PhD lab work, it was a bit sad.. But writing up my Thesis means I can't escape the bacteria really.. and the possibility of doing further research in the future? I'm a scientist, it's bound to happen by the end of the year! ;)
  • My science communication career is just beginning and working with the Motor Neurone Disease Association is an exciting challenge that I look forward to facing with the best of my ability.

This Blog:

Don't worry! In between writing my Thesis, and days off from work, I'm bound to procrastinate and you'll find my blog posts will pick up again to once or twice a month :)

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